Morelia, Michoacán
Location: At the Culture House

About Morelia en Boca

Exchange of flavors and aromas between the great figures of culinary art and new talents of traditional cuisine. There will be tastings, an international forum for debate and reflection around these two events, in addition to the presence of sommeliers, oenologists, gastronomes, writers and specialized journalists.

The MEB is a Festival with a cultural vision that represents the gastronomic value of the techniques, practices, and rituals that make up traditional Mexican cuisine. A culinary art that is full of symbols, processes and ancestral knowledge.

Its main objective is to make Mexican gastronomy known as Intangible Heritage of Humanity and its mission is to celebrate, educate, enrich and promote the culinary diversity of Mexico.

The 12th Edition (2022) will be held in two phases.
First stage, MEB throughout Mexico:
- Monterrey  July 1 and 2
- Tlaxcala  July 29 and 30
- Oaxaca  August 12 and 13
- Yucatán  August 25 to 27
Second stage, All Mexico in Michoacán
- Morelia  October 7 to 9.