Tenosique, Tabasco
It takes place in the main streets and squares of the city.
Event to be Confirmed
Jan 2023
Feb 2023

About Carnaval Tenosique ( Danza del Pochó )

The "Danza del Pocho" takes place on Saturdays at 12:30 limited space. The rarest carnival in the world, where attendees are covered in flour, egg and water. The dance is carried out in order to purify the spirits by killing "El Pocho" (evil god). This dance of Mayan origin consists of three main characters, who represent the struggle between good and evil: Las Pochoveras, priestesses of the God Pocho, responsible for keeping the fire burning around his altar; Los Cojoes, are the men created from corn and are at the service of Pochio; Los Tigres: they come to earth to kill El Pocho. It is accompanied by comparsas, dances, contests, floats and other activities.

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Carnaval Tenosique ( Danza del Pochó )