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About Rock Climbing in Mexico

When you practice bouldering and climbing in Mexico, you will push your body strength to the limit climbing boulders, high walls and mountains with no more impulse than that of your own spirit.

It is a unique experience that requires the right equipment and knowledge.

A real opportunity for the human being!

"Climbing is experiencing the rock like a teacher, letting yourself be taught in this way, is food for the soul, since at the top you will never find anything material" -
Diego Delmar, Mexican climber

Do you want to know how to start rock climbing and learn the best practices for beginners?

Look no further, here are the 3 most practical tips to get you started!


To learn more about Climbing in Mexico the best thing is to watch many different videos of all types of climbing whether bouldering, sport climbing or great wall .

The videos climbing will help you become more familiar with the activity and the sport.

In Mexico we recommend you subscribe to the YouTube channel of the production company Knock for more videos from Bouldering and Climbing and join a passionate community of lovers of rock climbing.

Another channel An important thing you should know about is Epic TV where you will find highly difficult climbs worldwide .


Your next step is to go to a climbing wall. They are the ideal places to start taking a course and getting to know more people from the climbing community.

In Mexico, climbing gyms are designed and built so that everyone from children to the elderly can practice this beautiful sport.

A climbing wall will help you speed up the process of climbing more difficult sports routes and boulders in order to increase your strength and technique before going out onto the natural rock.

In Mexico there are several climbing walls.

In order to recommend the best climbing walls, we suggest you check the walls whose construction was in charge of Muta Climbing, they are a Mexican company dedicated to construction of high quality climbing walls and seek to put climbing walls throughout America.


Buy a good climbing guide to go to the natural area and see the popular climbing spots in Mexico. The climbing guides will help you feel safe knowing more about the area and the routes you want to try.

Remember that when you buy a climbing guide you are also supporting the development of adventure tourism and rock climbing in Mexico.

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