Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán
in the Las Yácatas, Tzintzuntzan Pueblo Mágico

About La K´uínchekua

Music, dance and religious ceremonies representative of the different regions of Michoacán come together at La Fiesta de Michoacán to share them with its visitors.

The K'uínchekua is the perfect opportunity to learn about the diversity that identifies the ethnic groups of the beautiful state of Michoacán through cultural manifestations and taking as a setting the spectacular "Las Yacatas" Archaeological Site, the main ceremonial center of the Purépecha empire, which It gives an atmosphere of mysticism to the celebration.

The artistic presentations begin with a video mapping projected on the main stage and accompanied by the Michoacán Symphony that tells the story of the Michoacán peoples and at the end begins the participation of artists from various regions of the state of Michoacán representing the four ethnic groups: Purepecha, Mazahua, Nahua and Otomi.

It also has a food area to taste typical gastronomy such as uchepos, corundas, pasta ice cream, clubbed and many more dishes prepared by traditional cooks.

Tickets to attend are Free! Through, only 300 tickets are released per day, so we recommend you to be very aware.