Guanajuato, Guanajuato

About Callejoneadas (Alley Performances)

A great way to explore the city and its many colonial alleys, is in a typical folklore callejoneada city. By following musical groups in traditional costumes of the seventeenth century and formed mostly by students, pasearás through the city in a very festive atmosphere. At present there are in Guanajuato estudiantinas and prickly pears, the first composed of young students or were once students, and the other by University graduates who are still active. So during your visit once you start to get dark, let not join one of these street parties !.

More Information

In most of the Estudiantinas the approximate duration of the route is of 1 to 2 hours, however, the places that visit during the route vary, for this reason we give you a list so that you contact them:

Tuna University District Of Guanajuato
Departure from the San Diego Temple Atrium
Pho. +52 (473) 103-0941 Cellular
Cost: $ 6.5 usd (per person)

Tuna Royal Collegiate of Guanajuato
Departures in the Garden of the Union
Pho. +52 (473) 117-6844 Cellular
Cost: $ 5.5 usd (per person)

Tuna Colonial
Departures at Alhóndiga
Pho. +52 (473) 734-7483
Cost: $ 5.5 usd (per person)

Tuna Madrigal
Departures outside the Market Hidalgo or Reforma Garden
Pho. +52 (473) 134-6381 Cellular
Cost: $ 5.5 usd (per person)

Provincial Tuna
Departures Downtown San Diego
Pho. +52 (473) 652-7339 Cellphone
Cost: $ 4 usd (per person)

Tuna Valenciana of Guanajuato
Departures at Alhóndiga
Pho. (473) 103-2251 Cellular
Cost: $ 6.5 usd (per person)