Carr. Pachuca - Estanzuela
Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo
Located 13 km (8 miles) from Mineral del Chico

About The Contadero

Area composed by rock formations that resemble beautiful and intricate mazes, located in the mountain range of El Chico National Park. There are several legends about the place that tenants or operators that give you the tour will tell.
Every December 12, people in Chico made a pilgrimage to this place, to the small chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe on top of the mountain.

How to Get?

Take the road towards La Estanzuela from Mineral del Chico, to reach the village the diversion to El Contadero is right where are the Restaurant Francis Antojitos , go 4 km (2.5 miles) to reach the entrance.

Tour Operators that take you to enjoy this experience:

Hidalgo Adventures

Camino la Presa - Capula km 4.5, Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo 800-839-3895