Carr. Federal a Mineral del Chico km 8.5 ( 5 miles )
Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo

About El Chico National Park

With several camping areas and abundant forests and rocks, is an ideal destination for relaxation. Some of the activities that can be performed include abseiling, climbing, cycling, hiking, just to name a few.
The place also boasts stunning panoramic views from its cliffs, the highest being the Peña del Cuervo that offers a spectacular view of Mineral del Chico from above.


By the park there are 3 sections, parking costs an average of $ 1 USD and $ 1.5 USD

Camps within the park:

Camp 2 Aguas
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Bike trail access $ 2 USD

Camp Cedros
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Picnic area for $ 6 USD

Rabbits Camp
Cabin Rentals $ 23 USD
Bike trail access $ 2 USD per person

AlpinoRenta lodge cabins
Lodging $ 7 USD per person