Coming in ecotourism centers Villas del Bosque and Ecohotel Piedra Canteada
Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala
15 minutes from Nanacamilpa
approximate cost
20 usd
General Admission
Tour cost per person.
Only includes night tour and certified guide
Schedule: from June 10 to August 14.
During the season you must arrive before 6 pm

About Shrine of the Fireflies

During the second week of June and until the first days of August you can see a natural light show in the Luciérnagas Forest .

As if they were Christmas trees adorned with lights, these wonderful animals will adorn the more than 200 hectares of coniferous forests, finding here an excellent place to reproduce.

As for natural spectacles, few are more surprising than this one, so let yourself be carried away by it and make the most of the experience.

Recommendations for Visiting the Sanctuary for conservation:

• Wear dark and proper clothing, as it is rainy season.
• Pets are not allowed pets.
• No lamps or flashlights.
• Only biodegradable repellent.
• Do not carry perfumes or lotions.
• No music, pictures, or videos allowed.
• Within the Sanctuary, avoid leaving the trails as the fireflies deposit their eggs at ground level.

Costs and Schedules

Access to the forest is allowed only until 19 p.m., in the seven ecotourism centers an entrance fee is charged that varies between $ 17 and $ 22 usd (per person)

The sighting of fireflies starts at 8:30 at night and lasts approximately one hour, so it is recommended to arrive no later than 18 p.m.

Camping Area:
The cost of camping is $ 13 usd (per person), you will have to bring your own camping tent, this cost includes the tour, parking, use of showers and toilets.

The Certified Guides that offer the tour can be found in the following places:

Piedra Canteada
Camino Vecinal No. 20, 15 min from Nanacamilpa
Phone: +52 748-766-0889

Villas del Bosque Santa Clara
Road to Forest 4.5 km, 5 min to Nanacamilpa
Phone: +52 246-462-8746
Whatsapp: +52 246-188-5371

Laguna Azul
Road to San Matías Tlalancaleca, in San Felipe Hidalgo
Phone +52 749-102-3473

Tour Operators that take you to enjoy this experience:

Mexico Viejo

Guridi y Alcocer No. 50, Huamantla, Tlaxcala +52-246-466-8583