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The charming Magical Town of Creel is located in the upper parts of the Sierra Madre Occidental, known worldwide as Sierra Tarahumara; Its clay crafts and musical instruments with violins and drums give color and artistic expression to this town. Its surroundings are a delight for lovers of adventure and nature since it has beautiful waterfalls where you can enjoy incredible landscapes, know the Basaseachi Waterfall, Cusárare Waterfall and Piedra Volada Waterfall. Visit San Ignacio Arareko rarámuri community, where the famous Mission San Ignacio and its museum of sacred art are located. Further ahead is the Valle de los Monjes with imposing vertical rocks that reach 50 meters high. Nearby is also the Arareko Lake with crystal clear waters. Just 15 km to the south you can enjoy the Recowata hot springs, which maintain their temperature of 35 ° C throughout the year.
Arareko Lake
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It is an adventure sport that combines trekking, rappelling and climbing; through walls or climbing mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

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Take your body strength to limit climbing high walls and mountains without more than boost your own spirit.

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Take the challenge of vertical and technology dominates the decrease in insurance flown stones leaning on ropes and harnesses.

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Explore and interact with nature, get to know and spread the conservation of natural and cultural resources of Mexico.

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